Every Line Tells Its Own Story, We Help You Build It

We understand that not everyone wants to hire a full staff. That’s why Opus offers tailor-made solutions, fit to your needs so you only pay for what is necessary.




Opus Media Management was founded by Ralph Vonk & Daniël van der Sluijs. We created Opus because there is a need to fill the gap between traditional record labels, distribution, and management companies. A boutique music management company, with a hands-on approach and progressive mindset to help you maximize your potential.


We have both worked for established record companies in the music industry, Daniël as Label Director of Protocol Recordings (founded by Nicky Romero) and Ralph as Product Manager at Revealed Recordings (founded by Hardwell). In those years we gained lots of knowledge about the music industry and worked in and with almost every department you can imagine.


We understand that not everyone can afford to hire a full staff. That’s why Opus offers tailor-made solutions, so you only pay for what is necessary. No more, no less. With a combined 15 years of all-round experience in the music industry, we can help artists, labels, and other music industry professionals to grow their business. From DSP promotion to royalty accounting and from negotiating record deals to social media management.


Via our premium distribution service you can make your music available to all key DSP’s including Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Amazon Music and Youtube Music. Looking for a little extra? With our label management services we offer A to Z label management, just let us know how we can help you.


Label Management




With a passionate commitment and personal approach, Opus helps upcoming and established artists to amplify their professional careers. In close consultation with the artists, we set short-term goals in order to achieve their long-term goals which are all crafted in a well-thought-out artist plan.

Every artist is unique, so every artist is handled with precision and we only cover the aspects they need, so they can focus on what they do best, make great music


Opus offers legal & business affairs services that allow your company to out- source any business related duty. This includes royalty accounting, negotiating record & publishing deals, sample clearance, processing and registering new titles to the collection societies and many more. We highly value transparency, fairness and respect and always try to get a win-win situation for every party involved.


Label Management



Opus allows you to promote your music to the top-end of the music industry. We ensure your songs will be received by the people that matter. This includes independent playlist curators, DJ’s, labels and other powerful tastemakers who can help to grow your audience.


By getting more playlist support on streaming platforms or radioshows, you’ll get a bigger audience which results in additional streams. This is not only good for the revenue but it will also grow your monthly listeners and build a solid base for your next release.